The unique Viet Nam Cultural space in Austria

On September 28, under the framework of Viet Nam Day in Austria 2022, “Viet Nam Cultural Space” provided participants with fascinating experiences at the Palffy Palais, Austria.

The official ceremony of Viet Nam Cultural Space successfully took place with a series of remarkable activities, opening Viet Nam Days in Austria 2022 program. Viet Nam Cultural Space was honored with the presence of Vietnamese Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ta Quang Dong, and Vietnamese Ambassador to Austria Nguyen Trung Kien. Within the framework of the program, Vietnamese high-level leaders cut the ribbon to officially open Viet Nam Cultural Space, showing the utmost interest of Viet Nam in diplomacy events between the two countries.
The event also attracted hundreds of visitors, including international friends, Vietnamese communities in Austria and neighboring countries as well.

Vietnamese Tea Art through the performance of “Tinh hoa Tra Viet”

At the Viet Nam Cultural Space, the public in Austria was surprised by the passionate and inspirational performance of “Tinh hoa Tra Viet”. Tea has long been well-known as a traditional cultural feature of Vietnamese people, showcasing the picture of their daily life in an austere way. For Asians, tea tasting is a form of art, combining sophistication and elegance in every step. Each cup of tea recalls tranquility in the soul and presents the cultural beauty of their countries.

Vietnamese Tea Art through the performance of “Tinh hoa Tra Viet”
Vietnamese Tea Art through the performance of “Tinh hoa Tra Viet”

At the program, Song Hy Tra represented Viet Nam to introduce different types of organic tea products to international friends. Visitors not only had a chance to taste high-quality tea products in appropriate ways but they also learn about the origin and history of the ancient Shan Tuyet Tea from Cao Bo, Lam Tea (tea in bamboo tubes) of the Dao ethnic group in Khuoi Luong, Ha Giang province, Hong Long Tea 79 in Di Linh, Lam Dong province. The tasting journey requires tasters to slowly enjoy the combination of aroma, the whole flavor of bitterness and sweetness in a delicate cup of tea.
Speaking at the ceremony, traditional tea artist Nguyen Ngoc Tuan shared: “In Vietnamese culture, there are six indispensable elements to make high-quality tea, including water, tea leaf, technique, teapot, space, and music. Tea makers play a significant role in combining these six elements to finalize a unique art”.

Dong Ho folk painting

Dong Ho folk painting and lacquer painting were highlights at Viet Nam Cultural Space this year, attracting a large number of art lovers. According to the genealogy of the Nguyen Dang family, Dong Ho paintings originated in the 16th century, painted by artisans in Dong Ho village through generations. The value of Dong Ho paintings is assessed based on factors of material, color, size, and the artist’s message.
Artist Nguyen Dang Tam – the 21st descendant of the Nguyen Dang shared: “Dong Ho paintings use materials such as indigo leaves, flowers, and bamboo leaves to reflect the daily life of people in Northern Viet Nam. I want to introduce and promote Dong Ho folk paintings and Vietnamese culture to international friends”.

Interestingly, without paintbrushes or expensive color boxes, every Dong Ho painting is made by natural materials, composed of 05 main colors: white – red – green – yellow – black. This technique makes Dong Ho painting become a masterpiece of simplicity.

Photo exhibition of 50 years of diplomatic relations establishment between Viet Nam and Austria

Photo exhibition of 50 years of diplomatic relations establishment between Viet Nam and Austria

Under the framework of Viet Nam Days in Austria 2022, an exhibition was organized to present photos of diplomatic relations between Viet Nam and Austria since 1972. As for the tourism promotional exhibition, “Vitality of Viet Nam” showcased vivid photos of landscapes and heritages, thereby highlighting the vitality of Vietnamese people.

Viet Nam Cultural Space also offered attendants an opportunity to experience Vietnamese cultural promotional activities, such as Ao dai fashion show, traditional musical instrument performances, lacquer painting.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations establishment between Viet Nam and Austria (December 1, 1972 – December 1, 2022), “Viet Nam Days in Austria 2022” program was a key political-cultural activity, contributing to further strengthening the partnership and cooperation between the two countries. Besides, the program is also an opportunity to introduce to the public in Austria and international friends the image of Viet Nam as a beautiful, rich in culture, and dynamic destination.