“Viet Nam Day in Japan 2023” Celebrates a Half-Century Friendship

Scheduled for November 30th in Fukuoka City, “Viet Nam Day in Japan 2023” will feature a variety of innovative and creative content, to commemorate the friendship between the two nations and peoples .

“Viet Nam Day in Japan 2023” will be held at Kyushu University of Medicine, Fukuoka City on November 30th. This event is organized by Viet Nam’s  Ministry of Foreign Affairs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Viet Nam and Japan (1973-2023).

The program “Viet Nam Day in Japan 2023” is set to take place on November 30 in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Image: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam.

The highlight of the event is an art performance titled ” Beauty of Viet Nam”, which showcases many Vietnamese cultural art forms such as Hue folk songs, Cham dances, Vi-Giam folk songs and a show of traditional ao dai. To commemorate the close friendship between Viet Nam and Japan, the art program also portraits famous historical stories such as the love tale of Princess Ngoc Hoa and businessman Araki Sorato, or the beautiful friendship between patriotic intellectual Phan Boi Chau and doctor Asaba Sakitaro. These exquisite and professional art performances will bear a lasting impression on the audience, successfully promoting Vietnamese culture, country, and people.

The Cultural Space is a crucial activity within the framework of “Viet Nam Day in Japan 2023”. Visitors will have the chance  to learn about the Viet Nam – Japan relationship through a photo exhibition of 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This space is also rich in cultural identity, offering many cultural experiences such as Vietnamese tea performances, making engraved lacquer paintings, trying on Nguyen Dynasty costumes, making To he, etc. Among them, the Vietnamese tea experience is a creative highlight, expressing the desire for cultural exchange with Japan – a place famous for its traditional green tea products.

Enjoying Vietnamese tea in the land of the Japanese tea ceremony will be a memorable experience.

Representing the Organizing Committee, Mr. Hoang Huu Anh, Deputy Director of the Department of Cultural Diplomacy and UNESCO under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shared: “Viet Nam and Japan have established a long-lasting comprehensive partnership in many fields. Both countries have long-standing, diverse, and unique cultures. Currently, there are half of a million  Vietnamese people living and working in Japan, ranking second among foreign communities in Japan. Therefore, the Organizing Committee has put  a lot of effort into organizing ‘Viet Nam Day in Japan 2023’ program, to commemorate the friendship and strong cooperation between the two countries, while introducing the rich yet modern image of Viet Nam to the public in Japan.”

Following South Africa and France, Japan is the final destination of the “Viet Nam Days Abroad” series of events in 2023. This is also the second time the program has been  held in Japan (The first time was in 2013).

“Viet Nam Days Abroad” is an annual national promotional program assigned by the Prime Minister to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize since 2010. The program takes place on the occasion of official visits of high-level Vietnamese leaders to partner countries and always receives widespread participation and response from localities, businesses, agencies, organizations, international friends, and Vietnamese communities abroad.

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